1. Please, get enough sleep the night before the shoot, go to bed before 24h and do not drink if it’s possible. Do not woke up early, sleep more.

2. Shave smootly and ladies, please do not forget the forearms and upper lips.

3. Clean your nails and if a nail finish is used to be non-colour or french manicure. If the fotographer wants something else you will be notified or the nail finish will be aplyed at site!

4. Clean your face trougly the day before the shooting. At the day of the shoot do not remove or irrotate any blemishes – it will be harder to remove in post process.

5. Do not experiment with ne hairstile right before the shoot.

6. If not told else bring enough clotes (not only black- colours look nise on pictures too) with no shtamps, pictures, paintings or writtings.

7. do not tan a few days before the shoot – your skin will look too redish.